Living Values Home Study Programme
Living Values Home Study Programme

The Living Values Progam is based on these 12 Living Values:

Peace, Respect, Love, Tolerance, Happiness, Responsibility, Cooperation, Humility, Honesty, Simplicity, Freedom, Unity

The Benefit
to You

It is apparent that everyone, no matter what age can benefit from the awakening of these core human Values. There is also no doubt that these Values when re-awoken and applied in personal life, in families, in relationship, business or social circumstances that an IMMEDIATE change — a shift occurs. This shift is most noticeable in behavior patterns around respect for one another, in expressions of kindness, in the taking responsibility, in becoming honest and being willing to co-operate. Participants discover an overwhelming sense of love throughout the experience, opening doorways within.

LIVING VALUES has been likened to points of light that when focused on illuminate a pathway clearing and cleansing of emotions and blockages from the past. You may discover a depth of vulnerability opening to a deeper level of healing — a beautiful and effortless participation allowing LIVING VALUES to cradle and nourish as you explore and play. Most likely you will want more...

Living Values Home Study is comprised of 12 Modules, with each Module exploring one of the 12 Values in depth. There is no deadline, and you can proceed at your own pace. Our experience is that to benefit fully from the program, regular commitment is recommended.

  • Each Module consists of activities and assignments which have been proven to connect you to your values.
  • A Journal is provided for you to record your thoughts and ideas.
  • At the end of each module, a series of Evaluation Questions are included.
  • On completion of the 12 Modules, you email your answers to us demonstrating that you have fully explored the Values, and you receive the Living Values Home Study Certificate.

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