Living Values Home Study Programme
Living Values Home Study Programme

Many of us, inspired by the changes in our own life, feel a desire to extend the Living Values programs to others.

There are two ways you can become more effective in extending the concept of values to your family, friends and community — consider hosting a small local study group — invite people who are concerned and want positive change to join with you to explore the values through the Home Study and then together create ideas where you can implement values and start to turn the tide...

Start Your Own Study Group

If running a small group in your community is of interest and you would like some well recognised and succesful guidelines, please contact us — we would be delighted to support you.

The key to success lies in applying the theory to your life. Just as any transformational process, as the mind opens up and changes, the outside world in which we live adjusts to reflect that change. It is truly that simple.

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If you feel inspired, have that inner knowing that something better is possible in human relations and a desire to be part of that difference maybe LIVING VALUES IS YOUR OPPORTUNITY

  • Helping others help themselves is the one of the most rewarding ways to start.
  • Living Values offers a service oriented vocation that provides income within a structured, respected, internationally recognized organization that is already delivering amazing results in many nations worldwide.
  • It is simple, straightforward, with all the materials provided with a full training program.

In Australia and New Zealand your Home Study participation counts 12 hours towards the total number of hours required to become a trained and accreditated Living Values facilitator. For full details on becoming involved with this international education program in NZ and Australia, please check our websites for details: and

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