Living Values Home Study Programme
Living Values Home Study Programme

You can participate fully in Living Values Education from your own home!

When a consensus of agreement confirms that the world has lost its values, it is time to look at what I value in my life. Change must begin with me and how I extend my values will shape my life, embrace my friends, my intimate relationships, my children and my community. If I am not in integrity in my life, I cannot expect to be supported by the world around me.

LIVING VALUES, the program to re-establish values in everyday life, is endorsed by UNESCO. It consists of a family of thousands in 80 countries around the globe practicing living their values.

When thousands come together to be part of an international movement creating change, supporting children, rescuing street kids, war and natural disaster victims, helping them release pain and fear, in service to humanity, you know you have touched gold. Core Values — innate to all humanity, defined by hundreds of the world's educators under the UNESCO banner.

Would you like to join them? It will change you. It's lighthearted, contains no teaching, no doctrine, certainly no gurus. Inside you know this truth because it lies at the very core of you and indeed, is shared by all humanity.

No one can deny that the future of our world depends on the visible expression of the values we practice in our day to day lives — in the workplace, the home, the community, so if we truly seek to create a better world for all — then it must begin with us. You can make a lasting difference to your own life and those around you through this UNESCO-recognized program called LIVING VALUES EDUCATION — an interactive online workshop structured to awaken and invoke the 12 Core Values.

A Way of Life to be Discovered at Home

  • Living Values can be accessed by you in your own home... and it all starts here in the simplicity of this 12-week home study.
  • Living Values Home Study will open you, like thousands before, changing your family and all relationships.
  • Living Values Home Study can be done alone, together as family or, with colleagues at work. When you become the embodiment of LIVING VALUES, the Law of Attraction must move to support you, changing your world.

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